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Well, we've begun moving on. Our next destination is Icicle Inn. I remember Mom (my biological one, that is) telling me I was born there. I've never been there, so it might be kind of nice. :) I've heard it's cold and snowy up that way, though. I'm not really looking forward to that at all.

Anyway, the teams are the same as they've been since Rocket Town, which means I'm with Cid and Vincent. Good thing, since I wanted to talk to Vincent. Well, at least thank him for saving me. I doubt he'll want to talk very much, but surely he'll let me at least thank him!

I suppose I should stop typing in this thing and watch out for monsters. Until next time!

( /end filter )

( team 1, team 3, visible to team 2 )

Hey! I don't even see any of the rest of you now, we're so far away! Cid's kind of ... rushy. I think we're way ahead of you all.

How are you guys doing? :)

( /end filter )

( ooc: Pretend this was posted in the morning, after they woke up and all that. )

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( filter; AVALANCHE only )

We're doing fine, though we miss you and all the rest! Not too sure where we're heading now. That's up to Cloud, haha.

I do hope we bump into each other at some point. Perhaps stop at a bar for a drink? Seventh Heaven is being rebuilt in Kalm at the moment. Which reminds me... I do need to go back at some point soon. I need to finish the rebuilding; we do need our base! And Marlene must be missing Barret and I dreadfully.

( /end filter )

Oh, geez. I hope he doesn't get you guys lost, especially out in those snow fields I hear are on the way! You'll turn into snow people!

I'm not even sure where we are in relation to you. I feel like we're ahead, but for all I know, you're all miles ahead. Hopefully we all meet up soon, because I could really use some girl-talk!

So you got people to rebuild the bar? That's great! When did you hear? Maybe someday we'll be able to get back there, to Kalm. I'd like to see the new version. Kalm is a nice place for it, too, I think.

I miss little Marlene, too. I hope she's not giving my mom too much trouble. :P

Hah, no kidding! I think I may just end up leading us, at some point.

I completely agree. We definitely need some girl-talk. We're both surrounded with guys!

Yeah, I couldn't stand not having Seventh Heaven. Truly, it was my pride and joy. And it was such a wonderful bar! I get calls on my PHS every now and then from the workers, updating me on the progress. I think the actual building should be done soon! It's going to look exactly the same as the old one. And yes, Kalm should be a wonderful location. With Midgar destroyed, I think Kalm is the most populated city now.

I hope so, too! I do plan on getting her a puppy to keep her busy, though. I'll have to think about it.

Never send a man to do a woman's job, right?

Oh yeah. I mean, Cid's funny, and Vincent doesn't say much, but still!

I can't wait. We need to find Sephiroth soon and beat him, then head on over to Seventh Heaven and have a little party or something. Maybe make it just in time for the grand opening, hmm?

Aw, a puppy? I'm sure she'd like that. I've noticed she's amazingly responsible for her age, too. And so full of energy! A puppy would be great.

{Shouted both at the phone and at Aerith.}

At least the men aint spending all their fucking time fiddling with the damn PHS!
My sense of direction isn't that bad. In any case, We should concentrate on getting to where we're going rather than arguing.

I was just kidding~

But I do agree. Arguing is pretty pointless.

How are you doing, by the way?

I'm not the one you should be concerned about.



10 years ago



10 years ago



10 years ago

[ PHS happens to transcribe the following ]

I'm checking up on my friends. Is that so wrong?

And watch your language, Cid! Marlene could be on here at any given moment, you know!

HI AERITH! Except for the fact that it's cold, I'm hungry AND I HAVE LOUSY MATERIA, I'm fine.


And, um...could you remind me why we're going to this Icicle place again? Heh.
If you'd stop wandering off we'd get there faster! Peferably before my nose dries out.


...Stupid thing. Hope I didn't need that button.
If you'd move faster, we could get both done! I mean, I know I'm a NINJA but keep up! You've even got four legs to my two!

Don't tell me you think I'm gonna miss a chance at something cool up here?! No, no, no, no!
Keeping up would be easier if I didn't have to stop every few steps to talk to this machine.

It's waterproof right?

Never mind. I'm above you.
Above me? What are you talking about I don't see yj vf'\\




Hi, Yuffie! Don't worry, we'll be there soon. I hope.

We're following Sephiroth! Though why he'd want to go through a frozen wasteland is beyond me...