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Well, we've begun moving on. Our next destination is Icicle Inn. I remember Mom (my biological one, that is) telling me I was born there. I've never been there, so it might be kind of nice. :) I've heard it's cold and snowy up that way, though. I'm not really looking forward to that at all.

Anyway, the teams are the same as they've been since Rocket Town, which means I'm with Cid and Vincent. Good thing, since I wanted to talk to Vincent. Well, at least thank him for saving me. I doubt he'll want to talk very much, but surely he'll let me at least thank him!

I suppose I should stop typing in this thing and watch out for monsters. Until next time!

( /end filter )

( team 1, team 3, visible to team 2 )

Hey! I don't even see any of the rest of you now, we're so far away! Cid's kind of ... rushy. I think we're way ahead of you all.

How are you guys doing? :)

( /end filter )

( ooc: Pretend this was posted in the morning, after they woke up and all that. )

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