Cid Highwind (livetoohigh) wrote in sevenrewind,
Cid Highwind


Damn, it's fucking cold! I knew I should of grouped with Red--fucking tail has to be good for something. Can burn Cait Sith. Enough oil in that piece of shit to go for hours!

{PHS picks up yelling.}

'ey, Vince! I hear hair can keep a damn good fire-

{ERROR. LOW BATTERY! Shutting off PHS...}

((OOC: Last post until I get back from Italy! Will miss ya'll ;o;))
Tags: cid highwind
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Hey! I resent that, I do! 'm a bloody sophisticated piece 'a machinery! Serves ya right t' wander 'round freezin' yer butt off if yer gonna treat yer comrades like that!
My tail isn't actually fire you know.