Reeve Tuesti (magister_felis) wrote in sevenrewind,
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[filter; ShinRa/Turks]

AVALANCHE is in Icicle. Won't be moving for a bit, I think they're regrouping. Reno, I think you know what to do.

... I'll be in my office if you need anything else.
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Thanks for the info, Reeve!

Reno'll probably get us on that real soon.

Mmm. .... you're welcome.
Headin' out now, just gotta' round up the Rookie. Damn, I wish Rude would get off his freakin' vacation.

Good work, Reeve.
I'm surprised the President granted him one, all things considered. Or perhaps he's doing something else.

... have you had any word on Tseng's condition?
I'd agree, but I wouldn't know. Shinra hates my guts, and I can tell ya', the feeling's mutual.

Not yet. I'll put out the word if I do hear anythin' though.