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Silver the Hedgehog


To tell everyone the truth I'm not really sure what happened back there. We all walked away from it and that's what counts, but it could've turned out a lot worse. It's good that everyone's okay. Vincent...thank you. Everyone else, too, thank you for agreeing to come with me despite what's happened.

Sephiroth said "Head North past the Icicle Inn". I don't know why he was after Aeris, but stay together. We don't need a close call like that with anyone else.


[Team 1-Filter]

We have to cross the Snow Fields before we get to the Icicle Inn. It should be easy as long as we don't get lost; and no, I'm not going to get us lost. As long as we know where we're going and where we've been, we'll make quick work of the distance we have to cover. It's not really like we can stop and ask for directions in the middle of a snowfield anyway.

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